Body & Soul Collective

A project under Imago.

Body & Soul - A Worship collective

Body and Soul Collective is a project under Imago


Less than a year ago, our lives began to collide in beautiful ways through music at this church on Talbot Street...

Sanctuary London and Talbot Street Church had been partnering for several years when, through music and worship, we began to see a new avenue for strengthening our relationship and connection. Music has been surprising us by drawing us closer together and deeper into God’s invitation for unity and love through authentic worship and creative collaboration.  

Made up of members of both churches, the Body and Soul Collective has been inspired and led by Jeremy Zeyl, music leader and main songwriter.  Many of the songs are an extension of his "Heidelberg Project" which is a project under Imago  The Collective seeks to create artistic, thoughtful, formative and original worship music.  As we come together, we open a space for learning from one another, understanding each other better, and inviting the larger body into discovering who God is and how he loves.

The Body and Soul Collective worships, writes and records at Talbot Street Church in London, Ontario. Many of the songs are based on confessions or creeds of the Christian faith, inviting all denominations and people. We all come with different stories and struggles, and music is a unifying element that brings us together on common, level ground.

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